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Dienstag, 15. März 2011

the best weekend ever!!!!

hello again^^
i know it´s been a while...
i ware on girugämesh-concert now and it was soooooooo awesome!!!!
i loved it!!!!
the boys are so nice
there where an autograph session and i gave ryo a cup full of popcorn... it was so... embarrassing because i don´t know... it was just embarrassing... but ryo smiled at me... it was sooo sweet he was so handsome *__*
i´ve got an autograph from all of them!!!
 (this is the cd with the autographs... my treasher!!)
i also take photos from munich and girugämesh 
here are a few of them:
(Risu and Chemo in Munich)

(Risu and myself in front of the Starbucks - we search the hole time for this coffee shop o.O)

(Chemo and Ri in front of the Starbucks XD)

(Chemo, Risu and myself in the beergarden... - i don´t like beer... and they haven´t got coke... so i drunk a pepsi... but i don´t like pepsi ether... my uncle and my aunt drunk beer and chemo and risu also... so it was like chemo says:: "i want a beer"
Risu: "for me too, please",
my uncle: "for me too, pleace"
my aunt: "for me too pleace"
and i "i want a pepsi pleace"
and chemo had an laughter... she was lying on the table... it wasn´t that funny...

on saturday it was bad.... because my contact linses didnt want to get out.... (is that englisch... i don´t think so...)
my eye was red... like my hair... it wasn´t funny... and it hurts that much...
on sunday i often lay on the floor and chemo shot water i me eye...
und sunday night the contact linses fall out... finally...
i had no make up und the right eye... only at the left one... ant risu and chemo said always: "oh that looks so good, really!"
but i don´t know... never mind... it´s not important...
important is giru! here are photos from them
but there not soo good ether...
(Vocal: Satoshi)

(Bass: ShuU)

(Guitar: Nii)

(Drums: Ryo)

The four are so awesome, i admire them *__*

next time i post picture from Risu, Chemo and me on Sunday... but Chemo has the photos so i can´t post it now... but next time^^
see you^^

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