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Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

To much to learn...

i couldn´t write yesterday because i came home really late...
so today i tell you what happened yesterday^^
all in all it was just a normal day...
i´ve went to school, had school (okay that´s logical^^)
what ever... at least after school i went to meet chemo, my sis^^
i had a test in history today, so we wanted to learn something for it...
it didn´t really happen but... it´s okay... i learn on my own a little bit^^
when i went home, i was in the mood to look a the GazettE-DVD so i watched Dim Scene.

(That´s the cover of Dim Scene)

When my mother came home, wie thought she would say that i should go to bed and not watching TV (she isn´t a great fan of those things... GazettE and so on...)
but she didn´t... instead of that she sat on her couch and talked with me about the Gazettos and watched with me the DVD^^
That was strange but really nice^^
So it was a strange but a normal day anyway...

Today was also quite normal, but really funny^^

In the morning it was soooo foggy... here you see it:
(That was in front of my school, before school started)

In school we had the history test (i said so i know...) anyway... i learned in the bus... i hope  it a good mark....
my class had an excursion to the synagogye because of the subject religion... but i don´t go religion because i´m "without denomination" so i and two friends of mine had to go in a other class for two lessons... the first we usually had a free period... so we went to the class and the teacher told us we can go if we want... so we go... in the second lesson the teacher of the class was ill or something like that - so we had another free periot... we hat 2. 1/2 hours for us...
after the school i met my sis and her best friend lucy who is also a friend of mine^^
lucy watch over the dog of her sis and this little dog is soooo cute here´s a photo:

(This is the tiny thing XD)

we do the shopping and went home to lucy where we had a lot of fun^^
chemos mother came for us and so i came home^^

all in all the day was quite long but funny^^

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