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Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

maunz... that´s bad... school´s bad...

the rest of the week was really bad... i got english back... it was a four... and france and history are both three... accounting was a two - that was great^^
but that´s school... normaly i´m a good student (particular in english...) but i don´t know... had a bad time or so...
today my mother and i went to the mall because we want something from the haircutter-market (do you know what i mean? i don´t know the right word... i´m sorry...)
and we got wath we want and i got a very cool pullover... he´s red and a cute little thing is on there and the sentence "tokyo street style"
i took a photo because my describtions are not the best... i know...
(This is it XD)

on monday after school the schoolbuilding looked really great... i took a photo because i wanted to blog it - but i forgot -.- i´m really sorry...

(here the two photos... in natural it was really amazing... mysterious... the photos are not so amazing but who cares XD)
tomorrow i´ll go to work and then i stay over by chemo^^
but on sunday i´ve got so many to do... next week will be really bad...
so much to learn -.-

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