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Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

Great day^^

Today was soooo funny!
my sis called me and ask if i would go shopping with her... in 20 minutes our bus would come...
the problem was i was still in bed XD
so i get up very quickly and was finished before the bus came... i´m so good XD (joke)
we don´t get the bus either... but it wasn´t my fault o.O
her mother take us to the hospital because she worked there for a while and had to do something there..
then we got to granola and had breakfest - it was so tasty i love this café
back at home we watch tv and take some photos XD
this is one of them XD
it was soooo funny
thank you sis
i love you^^

right now i´m write with a very good friend from slowenien^^
hikari your really a very very good friend *kiss*

tomorrow i have to go to work... thats really bad...
because the last to weeks i got up very late... and so tomorrow i must get up at 7 pm... and now i´m sitting here XD

that´s why i go to bed now^^

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