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Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

english english^^

englich was soooo funny today^^
we´ve got an native amarican and he played a really funny game with us.
he wrote answers on the blackboard and we had to find the write question.
and then he tell us why this word stands there - and tell aus to every word a little story^^
it was so awesome XD
the hole class was quiet - the best english lesson i ever had, really^^
and i´m so excited - only 38 days to girugämesh^^ (i don´t count today XD)

but today i´d to buy a textile for tomorrow - i´m in an design-school, so we sew also - now we make a "Dirndl" a styrien dress...
i don´t want to but i cannot say no - it´s my duty... what ever...
but the textile... it was soooo expensive -.-
what ever...
oh my god! so exited for girugämesh...
it takes so long... i want it now XD
oh probably i have on monday the 14th a unit in the 9th lessons... means at 16:10 or so... that will be bad... the concert is on sunday... an i don´t think that i get enough sleep... but we´ll see^^

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